About Praid

About Praid

Coming from West we can call Praid (Parajd) „the gate of Harghita county”. Here the valley narrows more and the mountains are really close. This countryside is a real paradise for all those nature lovers who don’t limit only to sightsee it from the cars or coaches.

Praid is the biggest municipality from Harghita approximately 4000 people). There are other 3 smaller villages belonging to Praid : Ocna de Jos, (Alsósófalva), Ocna de Sus (Felsősófalva) and Becas (Bekastanya). In the whole municipality there are living approximately 7250 people.

In the center of the town there is an intersection, where you can reach the Bucin Pass through North and Gheorgheni town (Gyergyoszentmiklos) at 51 km . At South – East is Corund (Korond) and Odorheiu Secuiesc (Szekelyudvarhely) at 38 km.

This basin of Praid is limited at North –East and at South - East by the Gurghiu mountains (Gorgenyi havasok) and by the Siklod Hill at the South – West through Harom.

Csiki Zoltán